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I was 8 years old when I started sleeping with my favorite book, not my stuffed toy. We were quite poor at that time and generally sent to school unkempt, our hair unbrushed, our clothes awry and filled with wrinkles, and we were given sandwiches made with one slice of bologna. My brother and I were always hungry.

I was an avid reader in my teens and ate up classic literature from England, Spain, France, America, and Russia. I also became fascinated by the influence of world religions and the direction cultures took because of them. When Tolkien's books came to America, I read them 6 times nonstop.

I tend to be a fan of books with depth and layers of meaning that move the heart to tears as well as laughter, books that inspire excitement and the intense desire to soar and expand one's self. My own writing style is influenced by all of this.

I've worked as a journalist in New York, focusing on book and movie reviews as well as interviews, and lived and traveled in Europe. On one very rainy gray day in Holland, I was standing alone in my living room when the scent of Hawaiian flowers came out of nowhere and the idea of the magical and powerful White Forest was born.


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Humble, Texas 77396, United State

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Thirteen-year-old Puckett Cornelius Jones believes there’s more to life than what he sees around him. He doesn’t like school, he’s tired of eating dinner out of a can, and he’s tired of the news on TV. Of course, he’s never been to Orr where the breezes are fresh and sweet, the trees are a bit strange, and you can create weengbeeng. He’s never been to a place where you can shoot Wrawls and Skyrunners in the clouds, or where you and your friends can be turned into tarantulas, eaten by Mole Goblins, or transformed into Dark Ones and batwolves. But Puckett’s life is about to take a curious and deadly turn. His refusal to accept darkness and fear . . . and his deep yearning to know himself . . . are about to be challenged. Puckett’s story begins when he sees the ghostly image of an old man beckoning to him above a blackened pool . . .  'Magic'. Deception. Deadly Secrets. What's going on? Puckett is eighteen now and still wondering about the fear, anguish, and destruction humans allow on their planet. He's been summoned back to Orr, unaware that he's a major player in the game of a devastating adversary. The reason for the summons is deliberately hidden, but a visit to the Eight Bells Inn and a frightening and deadly encounter in the forests of Pottles Patch soon make it clear. Puck and his brave group are separated, and their task takes them through the perilous Soggy Downs, the great Festival in Wackerbarth, the magical city of Dragoslava, the horrors of Dawn's Perch, and unexpectedly . . . to the deadliest game of all. 

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